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Resilience and Self-Care for Care Giving Parents - Online Live Course

Welcome to the course.

Thank you for your courage to be here. Recognizing burnout and then looking for concrete solutions for support is very healthy. Attending to self is hard (especially in Western culture) and yet needed to support our loved ones, AND ourselves.

There is much research on mindfulness (and more recent research on compassion) reducing stress, increasing resilience, giving ourselves more space to respond rather than react, in order to make more clear decisions., in order to endure and move through the hardships.

There is trauma involved in seeing people, especially our beloved, and especially our children, suffer. These conditions also bring up traumas from the past, all the way to our childhood. How we stay with and live through the hardship of this parenting blends in with our own landscape of life time of stories and experiences.

I teach mindfulness and resilience, coach the grieving (with all types of grief, illness, hardship) and am a death doula. These are not part of the same identical trajectory in each person’s experience. They are hardships that keep showing up in life in different forms for different folks.

Through it all, I am trauma sensitive as I teach and work with people. Most people have experienced traumas, some deeper than others. Life is full. Struggles and suffering are real. Some of these practices of being with what is, even our suffering, and yes, even turning towards them, with kindness and love, moving more inward and releasing our stories, in a way that is comfortable yet just challenging enough, can be transformative.

This (the practice) is work. It is hard work. It is work of love. It is work that is worthwhile. It is for you when you are ready to begin. I am honored and thrilled to be kicking off another online multi week class, starting with a free orientation session for you to decide if this is right for you or this is the right time.

Welcome to considering to be fully present to your life, the sorrows and joys, the hardship along with ease and peace.

We Welcome You.

Please Welcome Yourself, too.

Glad to know that you are joining our circle of caring parents.

- Yasemin

Course Dates:

Free Orientation Monday Nov 11, 2019 12PM EST

Series Part 1, 5 weeks, Mondays Nov 25 - Dec 16, 2019 12PM EST

Series Part 2, TBA

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Resilience and Self-Care for Care Giving Parents - Online Live Course

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