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For your pleasure, this is only a sampling of what's happening in the field of mindfulness and compassion research, as well as coverage in the media. There are many articles and studies coming out daily. I share pertinent information with my clients on an as needed basis


BENEFITS of brief Mindfulness practices

Spending 10 Minutes a Day on Mindfulness Subtly Changes the Way You react to Everything

by Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter & Gitte Dybkjaer

January 18, 2017

mindful at work without meditating

How to bring more awareness, compassion, and purpose to work without a meditation cushion.

Mindful parenting reduced child stress

Our practice goes a long way to support our children. Read more.

Self-Compassion for parenting

Do you beat up on yourself for being a bad parent? There’s an alternative.


A Wandering Mind is not a Happy Mind

Our Brain’s Negativity Bias

”Mind the Trap”: Mindfulness Practice Reduced Cognitive Rigidity