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WELCOME. First and foremost, I am here to support you: to recognize your true (whole) self, set and reach your goals, be more present to your life, or a combination of what is true for you.

So, a few pertinent things about me in summary and more detail:

I am passionate about sharing my learnings with my clients as I lead them to make their own meaningful discoveries, attain unique transformations and follow their dreams.

Yasemin Isler, MA, is a coach, teacher, advisor, lecturer and mentor for mindful living across the life span. She has been practicing mind training for over 30 years. She teaches mindfulness and compassion in group and individual settings. She completed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher training at UMASS Center for Mindfulness, Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) teacher training through UCSD Center for Mindfulness. Yasemin is also trained in Co-Active coaching; is certified to teach through Mindful Schools; and teaches mindfulness in corporate/work settings to teams and leaders through Potential Project. She has developed programs for Parenting and for Grief through the lenses of mindfulness and compassion, which she runs in the Boston area. She is trauma informed. With Bachelors in Computer Science and Economics, Yasemin holds MA in Mindfulness Studies.

More details:

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One of my intentions is the union of wisdom and fun, bringing out the whimsy fairy god mother in me in full color.

This section is about me. But, the reason you are here is for YOU. Please visit these sections to see how you may benefit from my services including transformational life coaching, grief coaching and end-of-life doula and mindfulness.

Together, we benefit from my diverse expertise, points of view, Mindfulness & Compassion practice and education that cover it from all angles: practice, theory, science, academics and pedagogy. Being a lifelong learner with endless curiosity, I am passionate about sharing my learnings with my clients as I lead them to make their own meaningful discoveries, attain unique transformations and follow their dreams. Being a systems thinker and integrator allows me to see the bigger picture and how everything interrelates and affects each other. I have been recognized as a translator across different disciplines and connecting the dots between different teams or individuals.

Lifelong practitioner, student and teacher for a mindful living. That includes parenting, teaching, learningcreating, working, leading, enjoying health, facing illness or death, grieving, transforming, thriving, investigating and Being present to this life. Long time mindfulness practitioner, including Insight - Vipassana meditation. I have been meditating and inquiring about the human condition since I was a teenager.

My life has taken me on a journey living on two continents and across cultures; parenting; working in high tech and humanities; partnering with clients in high tech, healthcare, education, manufacturing and finance; making life transitions; moving through grief due to loss of parents and a dear husband; trying work-life-balance and ending up with a life that balances out; reflecting on it all poetically.

I have mentored professionals, parents and students, served on the board of a non profit and have volunteered for non profit organizations.

It is my belief that every person possesses the capacity to lead.

Yes, You Can!


“I think Yasemin's ability to communicate and collaborate among/between teams is outstanding. She knows how to see the "forest through the trees", and gets the big picture on whatever she is working on. She also understands how an individual set of tasks fit into that bigger picture.”

“She approaches her chosen work with a unique sensitivity and openness to learn and meet others at their own individual place and readiness. Due to this, she is a gifted and genuine communicator and healer.”

“Yasemin brings great attention to detail and client focus to keep projects on track and aligned with clients’ needs.”

“She cultivates outstanding relationships with clients such that they trust her implicitly, they are tremendously loyal, and they typically won't make a decision without her advice and blessing. She is frequently commended for her listening skills and she always has the client's best interests in mind.”

“She is always professional and easy to communicate and work with.”

“Yasemin’s work ethic is second to none. Precise, complete and accurate is the only way to describe her work. As a person, she is caring, engaging and a joy to work with.”

“She is viewed as a trusted advisor by both her clients and her peers and is truly a pleasure to work with.”

Nature inspires, nurtures and supports me.

Nature inspires, nurtures and supports me.